Frequently Asked Questions


Q1.What is SUPER ZOIL made out of? And what is the difference between the contemporary additives?
SUPER ZOIL is made out of top quality organic compound and 100% synthetic oil. There are many products that function in a similar way to SUPER ZOIL, however, our ingredients are completely different from any other. SUPER ZOIL does NOT contain solid substances such as PTFE and molybdenum that cause slippery clutch or clog the oil filter. SUPER ZOIL also does NOT contain chlorine and organic solvent-based substances, therefore, it does not damage packing materials, gaskets, etc. It is harmless to the engine and very environmental friendly.

What is known as "chlorine-based oil" performs lubrication by corroding metals. Therefore, if used for a long period of time, it will enlarge clearance, and eventually damage the engine. Moreover, combustion gas will contain harmful substances (such as dioxin) that will require specialists to dispose oil wastes under certain regulations. In Japan, there has been regulations on manufacturing and sales of those chlorine-based oil products for over 20 years, however, many of such products remain in the market since there is no regulation towards imported items.

SUPER ZOIL is an innovative product that has solved the demerits of contemporary additives. All of our products do NOT contain chlorine-based compounds, and it is manufactured with a special and unique technology, in which its performance is approved widely in the market. Our products use the third formula and top quality synthetic base, which is not harmful to the environment. We are the only company in the market that manufactures products with this formula and technology.
Q2.How long does SUPER ZOIL's effect (performance) last?
Although it depends on the condition of the machine, the performance will last for about 20,000km when used in new machine, 10,000km - 15,000km when used in high-mileage machines. Moreover, the performance sustainability on motorbikes will be less than that of cars, since motorbikes have higher speed rotational range. Please add 10% of SUPER ZOIL at every 3 to 4 oil change. The amount of SUPER ZOIL can be reduced to 3-5% after the second time.
Q3.What is a metal surface treatment, and how long does it take for the treatment to be done?
The metal surface treatment is a special chemical reaction (requires heat and friction) that forms best suited condition for oil lubrication. Conventional additives are what is known as the "coating agent" that only penetrates into worn-out sections of the damaged metal surfaces. Therefore, the additives are drained out of the system when the oil is changed, losing its performance. Moreover, the conventional additives would require a few hundred kilometers of driving before the performance can be experienced.

SUPER ZOIL, on the other hand, is a “treatment agent” that regenerates the damaged metal surfaces and recreates smooth surface. Moreover, it only requires about 20 minutes of idling and just a few kilometers of driving for the treatment to be done. The performance can be experienced almost immediately, and the effect will remain even after an oil change.
Q4.Is it safe to use SUPER ZOIL for brand new machines?
Of course, it is safe to use for brand new machines. Modern machines have high quality materials with improved technology, which has reduced the amount of discharged metal powder. Therefore, to blend in the engine oil to the metals has become the main purpose of breaking-in period.

SUPER ZOIL protects the engine from metal powders, and helps to blend in the oil to the metal faster. It also smoothens the metal frictions, and will most definitely increase the service life of the engine. Since there is no comparative test regarding changes in speed, fuel efficiency and noise when used in new machines, it is more difficult to notice the performance than when used in old machines. However, SUPER ZOIL's effect can be noticed when compared to the other same-model machine over time.
Q5.Can SUPER ZOIL be used for ATF machines?
There has been no report of trouble using SUPER ZOIL for ATF. However, AT have become more complex and delicate in recent years that machines with long mileage or machines without regular inspections of the ATF will cause trouble with or without the usage of SUPER ZOIL when replacing ATF. The replacement of ATF peels off the accumulated substances that was protecting the gear. (Dealers also do not recommend ATF replacement when mileage is over 50,000km.)

To avoid the misunderstanding of the trouble, we do not recommend the use for ATF machines. PLEASE NOTE the above when using for ATF.
Q6.Is there any cautions to be noted when using SUPER ZOIL?
There is no cautions to be noted when using SUPER ZOIL. However, due to SUPER ZOIL's treatment and cleansing effect, a large amount of contaminated oil may be discharged when used in long mileage machines or old machines. When using for such machines, please run the engine for about 50-100km after the SUPER ZOIL has been added and check the engine oil condition. If the oil is highly contaminated, then change the oil and oil filter and then add another 5% of SUPER ZOIL. Otherwise, we recommend the use of FLUSHING ZOIL before adding SUPER ZOIL.
Q7.How long does the quality sustain after the package has being opened?
If SUPER ZOIL is tightly sealed and being kept under minimal temperature change (preferably a cool dark place), its quality should last for
3 years.
Q8.When should the oil change be done after adding SUPER ZOIL?
SUPER ZOIL can prolong the oil change cycle up to 2 to 3 times longer than usual.

SUPER ZOIL's main characteristic is its high oxidation resistance and anti-corrosion performance. Engine oil's contamination is mainly caused by unburned substances such as the sludges. SUPER ZOIL will reduce metal friction, and creates an ideal combustion, which will prevent excessive fuel to enter the cylinder. This will result in fuel efficiency and less contamination of engine oil.
Q9.Is SUPER ZOIL effective on plated cylinders and aluminium?
SUPER ZOIL does not have a direct effect on plated cylinders and aluminium parts, however, it will be effective as an oil film maintenance. Engine will become smoother since it will be effective on other areas such as the piston rings, crankshafts, connecting rods, etc.
Q10.There is an exhaust of white smoke. Is SUPER ZOIL effective on oil loss via the piston ring?
Although it depends on the condition of the machine (or the condition of the oil loss), SUPER ZOIL can regenerate or reduce minor oil loss via piston ring. SUPER ZOIL cannot regenerate abrasion, however, it will smoothen the metal surfaces that will even-out the friction between the piston ring and the cylinder. As a result, oil loss via piston ring can be improved.

If, however, the oil loss is not improved by using SUPER ZOIL, we recommend parts replacement or repair.
Q11.Does it cause slippery clutch?
SUPER ZOIL has started off specializing in 2 wheel machines. It does not contain solid substances that would cause slippery clutch. Moreover, SUPER ZOIL has acquired the level MA under JASO standards.
Q12.Is it okay to co-use SUPER ZOIL with products from other brand? Will it cause chemical reactions?
SUPER ZOIL does not have any problem when used with products from other brand. However, regarding the possible problem that may be caused by other brands' products, we recommend the use of our brand products.
Q13.Can it be used for rotary engines, diesel engines, and hybrid engines?
SUPER ZOIL can be used for rotary engines, horizontally opposed engines, diesel engines and hybrid engines. Please add 8-10% of SUPER ZOIL to that of the engine oil. When using for old rotary engines, it is also effective to add SUPER ZOIL for 2 Cycle at the ratio of 100:1.
Q14.How can SUPER ZOIL be used for divided oil system (engine, mission, clutch, etc.) such as Harley?
For each engine oil system, please add 8-10% of SUPER ZOIL to that of the engine oil tank capacity. SUPER ZOIL does not cause oil leakage, therefore, it is safe to use for imported machines such as Harley, BMW, DUCATI, etc.
Q15.Can it be used for classic cars?
SUPER ZOIL can be used for classic machines since it does not contain harmful substances. We have also received many high reviews from classic car dealers as well as garages specialized in restorations. Please choose SEMI-SYNTHETIC ZOIL if not additives.

SUPER ZOIL can triple the service life of engine parts, therefore, highly recommended to use for classic cars that use rare parts.
Q16.Other than cars and motorbikes, for what parts (or machines) can SUPER ZOIL be used?
SUPER ZOIL can be used for various metal surfaces.
It is currently being used for jet skis, snow mobiles, carts, light planes, radio control machines, electronic model guns, reels, tools such as an air tools and compressors, cutting fluids, as press oil, tractors, chain saws, agricultural machines such as mowing machines, and many more.
Q17.Can it be used for turbo engines?
SUPER ZOIL can be used for turbo engines. SUPER ZOIL is highly effective under high temperature and high rotation such as turbo turbines.
Q18.It says that it can be used for tune-ups and repairs. How can it be used?
1. For minor seizures:
Release the plug and add 1 lid worth (about 2cc) of SUPER ZOIL for 4 Cycle or spray SUPER ZOIL SPRAY for about 5 seconds. After that, try cranking for about 30 to 40 times, then replace back the plug and run the engine. (This may exhaust large amount of smoke, or the plug may get wet, but please continue with the process.)

2. For pairing-up parts:
Please use SUPER ZOIL for 4 Cycle, SUPER ZOIL SPRAY or SUPER ZOIL GREASE when pairing up parts. The attached surfaces will be smoothly and neatly processed. Moreover, it will prevent troubles after overhaul. (The metal surface treatment effect cannot be processed with just the application of SUPER ZOIL. It requires heat and friction in order for the treatment to occur.)

3. For oil loss via piston ring:
SUPER ZOIL will erase minor scratches within the piston ring and the cylinders, as well as smoothens the attached surfaces. As a result, it will prevent oil loss and pressure decline.

4. For differential gears and LSDs:
If noises are coming out of differential gears, please add SUPER ZOIL of 4 Cycle 8-10% to that of differential oil volume. Moreover, if the noises are caused by scratches in the bearing of the drive shafts (universal joints), then please use regular grease after using SUPER ZOIL GREASE.

5. For throttle valves, wires, etc.:
When SUPER ZOIL is used for throttle valves and wires, it will help smoothen the movement of each parts, and prevents excessive elasticity of wires. It is also effective in preventing freezes during winter.
Q19.Does FUEL TUNER perform as water drainage as well?
FUEL TUNER's main effect is to improve engine responses by uniforming ignition timing. However, it performs water drainage secondarily, therefore there is no need to use other drainage agent. Moreover, most drainage agents in the market are made out of simple alcohol substances that may cause irregular combustion, which can be harmful to the engine.
Q20.I am a racer. What kind of performance can I experience by using SUPER ZOIL?
1. Improvement on detonation resistance performance:
By using SUPER ZOIL, detonation will occur less frequently. Moreover, even if detonation occurs, it will prevent engine from stalling immediately.

2. Prevents rising oil temperature:
SUPER ZOIL prevents high oil temperature by improving combustion efficiency and metal friction reduction. It also prevents power down through over-heating.

3. Improvement in engine response:
SUPER ZOIL can increase torque and power. On average, it can increase horse power and torque up to 5% for general machines, and 3% for fully tuned machines. Moreover, both the pick-up response and rotation decline will improve.