Test Data


Chemical Property Analysis Table

Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Density (15℃)g/cm3 0.9063
Flash Point (COC)℃ 220
Kinetic Viscosity 40℃ mm2/s 40.69
100℃ mm2/s 6.477
Viscosity Index 110
Pour Point (℃) -12.5
Color (ASTM): L3.0
Total Acid Value (mgKOH/g) 1.07
Total Base Value (mgKOH/g) [*1] 53.7
Chlorine Content ppm [*2] 50ppm or less
Falex Pin & Vee Block Test
(Loading Gauge)
(lb) [*3] Incapable measurement
(3000 or more)

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Pressure Resistance Test

Graph - Pressure Resistance Test

Comparative Test

General Chemical Property Test and
Load Carrying Capacity Test

Product Name Unit Auto Manufacturer's
Recommended Oils
Auto Manufacturer's
Recommended Oils
Density (15℃)g/cm3 0.8788 0.8811
Flash Point (COC)℃ 236 228
Apparent Low Temperature Viscosity (-25℃) 6310 6100
Kinetic Viscosity 40℃ mm2/s 65.24 62.59
100℃ mm2/s 10.15 9.789
Viscosity Index 141 140
Pour Point -27.5 -27.5
Color (ASTM) 4 4
Total Base Value (mgKOH/g) 6.99 11.4
Soda Four-ball Type Test
(Step Method)
Load Carrying Capacity 0.35 0.7
Wear Scar Diameter 1.25 0.65
Coefficient of Kinetic Friction in Pendulum Style Friction Test 0.107 0.103

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Copper Corrosion Test

<JIS-K-2513 Copper Corrosion Test Method for Petroleum Products(Tube Test) >

Test Tube Method: Submerge a polished copper test strip in approximately 30mL of test liquid for the specified time.
Copper Test Strip Material: JIS H3100 - C1100P, C1201P, C1220P
Copper Test Strip Size: approximately 75mm long, 12.5mm wide and 1.5-3.0mm thick
Test Conditions: 100℃×3hour

Test Results: 1a

Corrosion Criteria on Copper Test Strip

1 2 3 4
a b a b c d e a b a b c

Power Consumption Test

Test Results

Types of Oil Power Consumption before using SUPER ZOIL(kw) Power Consumption 90 days after using SUPER ZOIL(kw) Saved Power(%)
Hydraulic Oil 1.0358 0.8535 17.6
7.7662 6.6384 14.5
Lubricating Oil 0.012 0.0096 14.3
Gear Oil 1.3962 1.1978 14.2
1.4166 1.1974 15.5

[ Provided by a Major Auto Manufacturer ]

Test Contents

Test Location: A factory line at a major auto manufacturer
Test Method: Add 10% of SUPER ZOIL to lubricant oil, gear oil and hydraulic oil
Measurement Condition: The measurement was conducted for 12 hours a day to compare the power consumption before and after SUPER ZOIL use.
Test Time: 90days