What's SUPER ZOIL?100% Made in Japan. 100% Brand Original.

Drive Your Dream.

We understand the desire to drive the machine you love for as long as it can,
with the best comfort and condition,
for more power, and more speed.

How we can be part of that desire
is to bring about the
machine's full potential to nearly as 100%,
and to create the environment where your machines are kept in its best condition.

As one of machine enthusiasts ourselves,
we are committed to introduce and develop products that will support the dream of our customers.

This is our corporate mission which has always been, and will always remain the same.

We Promise You An Anti-Aging Engine

Once you have carefully run the engine of your new machine, it will run smoothly with great performance as it would be in its best condition. However, every time you start your machine, the engine will gradually degrade. The friction between the metal components are difficult to prevent, and in fact, it is said to be that the gear causes a 15-35% friction loss. Even with the use of high-quality engine oil, its best performance cannot be restored as the metal surfaces in the engine are damaged.

SUPER ZOIL is a metal surface treatment agent that regenerates extremely smooth and wear-resistant metal surfaces. It significantly reduce metal friction resulting in a smooth-running high-performance engine. It works effectively even in an old engine with increased friction, and restores its original performance. When SUPER ZOIL is used in a new machine, it maintains the engine in its best condition for a long time and greatly extends its service life.

It is often the case the machine owners want to drive their favorite machines, without any trouble, for as long as possible. SUPER ZOIL is an anti-aging engine supplement designed to meet this need.

使用前・使用後比較 Recreates extremely smooth and wear-resistant metal surfaces.

Why is SUPER ZOIL Needed Now?

SUPER ZOIL has a high economic efficiency.

①Prolongs the service life of your favorite machine.

When a machine is in a bad condition due to its age, over-drive, etc., giving it to repair or even replacing it can be very costly. It is possible to save these costs by using SUPER ZOIL, since it helps to regenerate the engine to its better condition.

②Significantly reduces the maintenance cost and time.

SUPER ZOIL prevents engine wear and can triple the life of parts that significantly reduces engine trouble.

③Lengthens the time between oil changes.

SUPER ZOIL creates an ideal combustion conditions for the engine, provided by the antioxidant effects and reduction of metal friction. This results in longer oil change intervals, increased up to 30-50%.

④Improves fuel efficiency.

SUPER ZOIL improves the fuel efficiency since there is no redundant fuel supply. This is because accelerator use is reduced owing to less friction in the engine.

All-in-1 Effect.
SUPER ZOIL can be helpful in various situations.

  • ・When you are anxious about mechanical noise or vibration.
  • ・When you want to reduce oil loss via the piston rings.
  • ・When you expect a better engine response.
  • ・When you want to prevent the metal wear from a cold start.
  • ・When you are anxious about overheating, engine damage or seizure.
  • ・When you want to keep the engine clean.

Outstanding Effect on Manual Transmissions and
Differential Gears.

SUPER ZOIL for 4 Cycle also has an outstanding effect on manual transmissions, differential gears and limited strip differential gears (LSDs). Fuel economy is improved and the transmission operates smoothly and efficiently, eliminating energy loss.

Caution: Read the instruction carefully before use.

●SUPER ZOIL is not designed to provide temporarily power increase or fuel economy. Even if you do not notice an immediate effect, you will certainly come to appreciate the difference between your machine and other contemporary machines over time, which will reveal the effect of SUPER ZOIL. SUPER ZOIL is the optimal additive for customers who have been dissatisfied with other additives or oils, and for those who are quality conscious and truly understand the difference.