Privacy Policy

About Privacy Policy

  1. 01 When we receive personal information from our customers, we try to state the purpose of use as clearly as possible, as well as to provide contact information of our customer service center for further assistance if needed by the customers.
  2. 02 We take precautions to safeguard your personal information as per our Private Policy, and we do not provide personal information to third parties.
  3. 03 Once we have acquired a personal information that was agreed upon what is stated above in 01 and 02, we may provide this information to cooperation companies, in which we take precautions to keep the personal information sealed by forming a binding contract not to violate the Privacy Policy.
  4. 04 We may use personal information to send promotional materials on our products and information on our services that may be beneficial for customers, either through electronic mails, post letters, or phone calls, all in which can be suspended or resumed anytime via the method we provide.
  5. 05 If a customer wishes for enquiry or to edit/delete personal information, please notify us through our customer service center. We will correspond accordingly.
  6. 06 We protect the privacy of our customers and take necessary and proper measures for the prevention of leakage, loss or damage of our customers' personal information in accordance with the Act of the Protection of Personal Information.
  7. 07 In our website, we use "Google Analytics", which collects activity logs to our websites using first party Cookies. These access logs (access histories) is strictly used for marketing purposes only, in order to provide improved services. We do not use such aggregate data for any other purposes, and the information we acquire does not reflect any personal identifying information of any specific customer.
    All collected logs are protected under the administration of Google's Privacy Policy.
    About Google Analytics and Google Privacy Policy, please refer to the URL shown below.
  8. 08 We may use customer reviews and enquiries that are acquired through our website to each Social Media Networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. (the number of media may increase accordingly). We will present customers' content (reviews and enquiries) by only using customers initial names or screen names, and will not provide any personal information identifying specific customer.
    If a customer wishes to edit or delete his/her content, please notify us through our customer service center.